Kroc Center Arts Programs: Bringing out Creativity in Kids!

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Stop for a moment…look around…listen. What do you hear? What do you see? Now, imagine what our world would be like without art. No color. No designs. No music. No performances. That’s right. Without art, earth would just be…eh.

Research shows that children involved in the arts are more proficient in math, writing and reading, and have higher school attendance and graduation rates. They encourage students to succeed in work and in life. The arts connects people through a common bond, a common love, a common passion.

In 1998, Joan Kroc (or “Grandma” to many of us here at the Kroc Center) first recognized a need in San Diego for a safe gathering place, a place with facilities and trained professionals to nurture children’s social skills, arts appreciation and athletic potential.

She described the Kroc Center as being a beacon of light and hope in the community. It was Grandma Joan’s vision to provide all individuals with equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts and talents, so upon her passing in 2003, she left $1.5 billion to The Salvation Army to build more centers across the country.

Today, there are 26 Kroc Centers across the US and Puerto Rico.

That beacon shines on here in Green Bay. When our doors opened in 2011, we committed to offering creative and performing arts classes for our members, where children are exposed to the arts and provided the space and resources to discover and explore their passion. From painting and sculpture to dance and music classes, our instructors provide individual and group opportunities of the best quality.

But the important part of the equation is making these types of classes affordable for all – including those families and children who would not normally have access to this type of instruction.

We encourage you to explore these opportunities for your family. Grandma Joan created this opportunity for those in our community. It’s up to us to ensure it’s full potential is realized. Registration is now open for the next class session that starts in January. Come check out an art, music or dance class. Members always get the best prices on our classes and scholarships are available.

Click here to find the best arts classes for you and your family. And stop in any Saturday morning between 9:30-11:30 AM to check out our Family Art Time where we feature a fun family craft in our game room! It’s free for members or just $2 per person for non-members.

Terry Brennan, Arts and Education Manager
The Salvation Army Kroc Community Center

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