3 Tips to Choosing a Photographer

Believe it or not, but there are some important things to consider when choosing your photographer.

Some of those deciding factors may not have even crossed your mind until now. I am going to give you some great tips on how to find and decide on a photographer that will suite your needs, your style and desired product.

1.) Your style…

You may be thinking “I know what I want!” That’s great! Or you may be thinking… style? What style? A photo is a photo isn’t it? The answer to that question is both yes and no.

When you are weighing your options its best to take a look at photographs of others and see what you are drawn to. Do you like the really bright ones with lots of color? Or are you more of a person who likes photos a bit darker and moodier. Each photographer has their very unique style of post processing, so even though a photo is a photo on the camera, the way we all use light is completely different.

Do you prefer storytelling or something more posed and directed? Storytelling and candid photos are a little different. For example, storytelling would be an event you want covered. For example, maybe a day in the life with your family at home just doing you. Or it could even be a wedding where your photographer is there but “not there.” Candid photos in my opinion are when you get someone’s body language to look and feel “believable.” For instance, when you are standing with your lover you don’t stand hip to hip, you are typically more connected front to front and touching each other and laughing genuinely.

2.) Your needs…

Whenever I am doing a consult with a possible client my first question is what do you need these for? My second question is, what would you like to do with them? Most clients of mine have not even thought that far ahead, and that is why portraits sit on devices and not on the wall or in a coffee table book to be viewed.

Are you looking to update your family photo for Christmas cards? Are you looking to update your family photo for your wall? Or would you prefer both?  Deciding on what you would like to do with your photos ahead of time will help you prepare for talking with your photographer about what products they provide beyond just taking the photos.

What do you get for the price? I strongly urge you to ask your possible photographer what is included with the price. Does the price include retouching, digitals, prints or both? Does the price include any special services like a styling consult to help you pick your wardrobe, and the location you would like to be photographed? Does the price include multiple family members?

I personally come from a place of service and want my clients to look and feel amazing in their portraits, which can only happen when there is a relationship and rapport between myself and my clients. I am quick to move from emails and texts and call you as soon as I can because I know that the more connected we are, the more I can get to know you and the better your photos will be.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they were not photogenic I would not be in my career anymore. The fact is that there is no such thing as “photogenic.” The description of photogenic should not be how good you look in front of the camera, it should be defined with how comfortable you are in front of the camera.

3.) When to book…

Once you have found a photographer that you like, have spoken with and have checked out their portfolio to ensure that their style and and photographs are consistent, you should decide on a date! The sooner your book, the better your chances of getting a date that works well for your family and yourself. Something to consider is booking during the week if possible, and taking a half day from work! That way your weekend is still open and you are free to relax and enjoy it. I look at portrait photographer’s schedules just like I look at doctors offices and dentists. They are necessary and most of those places are not open on the weekends, so you may have to pull your kiddos from school or take some time off of work to get them taken care of. I view portrait photography with the same regard. It’s absolutely necessary because you are in charge of leaving a legacy for your children. They will look to you for photos of themselves and will want to see them for years to come.

I hope you find these tips helpful and if you are looking for a photographer in the Green Bay area for your family photos, be sure to check me out! You can get more info and check out my website at: marybreuerphotos.com 

STAY TUNED for next week’s photography tip: “What to Wear!”

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