Easter Kids Craft Idea

This month’s Craft Corner project has a Spring/Easter theme.

Supplies needed:
-3 craft or popsicle sticks
-2 googley eyes
-yellow construction or scrapbook paper
-orange construction paper
-yellow paint (optional) & paintbrush
-pencil for tracing
-Glue bottle


  1. Glue craft sticks together end-to-end in triangle shape
  2. Paint one side of craft sticks yellow (optional)
  3. Trace child’s hands on yellow paper and cut out
  4. Trace triangle shape of craft sticks on yellow paper and cut out
  5. Trace a circle shape on yellow paper and cut out
  6. Cut chick beak and legs shapes from orange paper
  7. Glue yellow paper to craft sticks (paint side up) for chick’s body
  8. Glue wings behind chick’s body
  9. Glue googley eyes & beak on chick’s head
  10. Glue head on top of body
  11. Glue legs on bottom of body

Feel free to modify the project to make it work for you and your supplies as needed.

Your finished project will look something like this:

Happy Crafting!!

This craft idea is compliments of Ms. Cheri Vanden Heuvel, one of the teachers of Learning Tree Adventures and Oodles of Art, a weekly preschool art class through the De Pere Parks & Recreation Department. (If you’re interested in either of these preschool classes next fall for your 3-5 year old, you can find out more by calling the De Pere Parks & Rec department at 920-339-4097 or visit www.de-pere.org.)

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