Easter Scavenger Hunt

Everyone does Egg Hunts at Easter, but have you ever had your kids do an Easter Scavenger Hunt? I love this idea because it incorporates the true meaning of Easter into the activity. There are lots of ways to do this, so you can figure out what works best for your family and what would be the most fun:

  • Kids can do it inside, outside or both.
  • They can do it individually or divide up into teams.
  • It can be timed or the first person/group to complete it wins (though I suggest for siblings that it’s not about winning, just about completing it…otherwise it can turn into a fight and/or take the fun out of it).
  • They could collect the items in a bag or basket as they go along, or with technology these days it could be fun for the kids to do a photo scavenger hunt & take selfies with the items they find along the way.
  • Finally, you could combine this idea with an Easter egg hunt by cutting up each of the clues and putting individual clues in Easter eggs so each time they find an egg they have to find the item inside and they aren’t done until they’ve found all the eggs and items.

Use the Scavenger Hunt List below or make your own based on this concept. Happy Hunting!


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