Featured Event: Harlem Globetrotters 2018

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The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the Resch Center in Green Bay on Wednesday, December 26th at 7PM. They will also be at the Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh on January 1st at 2PM. This could be a great Christmas present for the kids or a fun, “family-night” outing during Christmas vacation. I remember going with my dad, uncles and cousins to see the Harlem Globetrotters in Flint, Michigan when we were kids and we loved it! It’s one of those special memories that always stays with me. I’m a firm believer that going to fun events like this as a family and making special memories together are more meaningful than toys or presents. Two years ago we took our girls for the first time and they loved it.


In their 2017 season, The Harlem Globetrotters broke nine Guinness World Records in a single day and netted the highest basketball shot ever recorded in North America from 583 feet in the air from the Tower of Americas in San Antonio!

The Globetrotters show will feature a star-studded roster, including showmen like Big Easy Lofton, HiLite Bruton, Ant Atkinson, and Hammer Harrison, as well as fan favorites Firefly Fisher, Bull Bullard, Thunder Law and Cheese Chisholm. To match the growing popularity of the Globetrotters’ female stars, the team will also bring the largest female roster in team history to fans across North America – including TNT Lister, Hoops Green, Torch George, Swish Young, and Mighty Mortimer. (Rosters vary in each city and are subject to change.) Their game will showcase incredible ball handling wizardry, rim-rattling dunks, trick shots, hilarious comedy and unequaled fan interaction. After the game, Globetrotter stars will sign autographs and take photos with fans.

So come to the Resch Center in Green Bay on December 26th at 7PM or the Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh on January 1st at 2PM if you want to watch The Globetrotters work their basketball magic! Tickets start at $27. There is also an option to purchase a pre-show Magic Pass where you have an opportunity to spend time on the court with the Globetrotters – shooting, trying out ball tricks and getting autographs and photos. The unique 30-minute pre-show, “Magic Pass,” will create memories of a lifetime. (Tickets are sold separately and customers attending the pre-show event must also purchase tickets to the game.) Tickets are on sale now at www.ReschCenter.com, www.MenomineeNationArena.com, the Ticket Star Box Office located in the Resch Center or by phone at 800-895-0071.

The Harlem Globetrotters® are legendary worldwide icons synonymous with one-of-a-kind family entertainment and great basketball skills for the past 91 years. For the latest news and information about the Harlem Globetrotters, visit the Globetrotters’ official Web site: www.harlemglobetrotters.com and follow them on Twitter @Globies.






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