Free Summer Lunches for Kids in Green Bay: 2016

This summer all kids ages 1-18 can get a FREE, healthy box lunch at Green Bay’s Central Library or at one of 31 area parks!

Library lunches will be available at 11AM Monday thru Friday, June 13-August 12 at the Central Library. Many times there are special story times before or after lunch as well. Lunches must be eaten at the library during the lunch program. Adult lunches are available for purchase for $2 each. (No lunches will be served on July 4.)

Park lunches will be available at various times between 11AM and 1:30PM Monday thru Friday, June 13-August 12 at 31 parks around Green Bay. (No lunches will be served July 4 or July 26.) The park schedule is as follows:
8th Street: 11-11:05
Astor: 12:40-12:50
Baird: 12:35-12:45
Bayview: 11:40-11:50
Beaver Dam: 12:40-12:50
Colburn: 12-12:15
Danz: 12:55-1:05
East River: 12:05-12:15
Eastman: 11:25-11:35
Edison: 1:15-1:25
Eisenhower: 11:30-11:40
Farlin: 11:55-12:10
Firemans: 1-1:10
Fisk: 11:40-11:50
Fort Howard: 1-1:10
Joannes: 12:20-12:30
John Muir: 12:25-12:35
Kennedy: 12:15-12:25
Marquette: 11:25-11:35
Mather: 12:40-12:50
Murphy: 12-12:10
Perkins: 12:20-12:30
Seymour: 1:20-1:30
St James: 12:55-1:05
St Johns: 1:10-1:20
St Philip: 11:50-12
Tank: 11:10-11:20
VT Pride: 11-11:15
Whitney: 11:20-11:30
Wilder: 11-11:10

Lunches are for ALL kids regardless of gender, race and economic status and no paperwork is necessary to participate. Times and park locations are subject to change. Call 920-448-5846 for any questions or details about the library lunch program.

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