Fresh Start Friday

[By Stephanie Ziegler]
I can’t hardly believe how quickly the past eight week have gone by! Due to some changes in my schedule I was able to try out a new class at the Kroc Center called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and let me tell you…it was no joke!  Everyone in the class was a mom of young children and it made me proud that we were all there making our health and fitness a priority.

The final session of the Fresh Start Challenge was also a HIIT workout and it was a culmination of many different exercise techniques we had been learning in the previous weeks. Here’s the order of the workout:

It requires very little equipment but it certainly got my heart rate going! We did each set multiple times…but if you give it a try you could do as many sets as you are comfortable doing currently and then add on as you get stronger.

In our final email during the challenge Aric (Fitness and Sports Supervisor at the Kroc) wrote this: “Set Attainable Goals: Setting an extremely lofty, unhealthy goal is setting yourself up for failure or exhaustion. If you don’t make the progress you want to see in the short-term, you could think this isn’t working and stop all together. The key is consistency and longevity. So when the challenge is over, set yourself a goal and keep at it and know that with hard work and determination you will reach it!”

When I started the challenge I had 10 stubborn pounds left to lose from the “baby weight” and so far I have lost 8 pounds. I’m so close (2 more pounds!!!) and I know with continuing the habits I have started during the last two months I will get there! I also set the goal to race again sometime this year. I haven’t signed up for a road race yet, but I will be looking into and signing up for a race soon, which will help me to continue running as I have a deadline in front of me.

I am so thankful to Lindy from Let’s Go Mommy, the Kroc Center, and the other moms I met (Carrie and Marcie – thanks for the built in accountability) for this incredible opportunity! I have been set up for success in my health and will carry the information I have learned with me to benefit not only myself, but hopefully those around me as well.

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