Injuries Happen Fast. So Does Seeing a Doctor.

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With kids, accidents happen fast. When your child gets hurt, you want answers quickly so they can start getting better as soon as possible. That’s exactly what happens when you go to the OSMS walk-in Acute Injury Clinic after you or your child gets hurt.

The OSMS Acute Injury Clinic, located in Green Bay and Neenah, is an alternative to emergency rooms or urgent care clinics for new orthopedic pain or injuries such as fractures, sprains, lacerations and more. You can see an orthopedic doctor without an appointment, saving you something extremely valuable–your time.

By seeing an orthopedic doctor at your initial appointment, instead of a licensed athletic trainer, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant like other walk-in or urgent care clinics, you get your diagnosis and treatment plan before leaving the clinic. And OSMS offers on-site x-ray and MRI, eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

OSMS accepts most insurance plans, and most plans don’t require a referral for orthopedic care. The OSMS Acute Injury Clinic also saves you money. It costs on average 94%* less than a trip to the emergency room. That’s because when you come to the OSMS walk-in Acute Injury Clinic, it’s charged as a regular office visit. There are no urgent care or emergency upcharges.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what Tammy, a Green Bay area mom, has to say: “My son recently injured his foot in a basketball game, and we chose to take him to the OSMS walk-in Acute Injury Clinic. We chose OSMS because a few years prior we went to urgent care where they gave him an x-ray, wrapped his foot up and told us to call and make an appointment with their orthopedic group the next day. We waited two days for the appointment where they x-rayed it again and then put it in a cast. By taking him to OSMS, we were able to see an orthopedic doctor at our first appointment, get a set of x-rays right away, and walk out with a boot on his foot. Within an hour we had the testing, diagnosis and a treatment plan set. Going to OSMS saved me time and they did everything at once rather than having to make multiple appointments.”

The OSMS walk-in Acute Injury Clinic is open from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday and is located at 2223 Lime Kiln Road in Green Bay or 1205 West American Drive in Neenah. OSMS has a doctor on call 24/7 and can help evaluate the applicable place of care for an injury. Call us at 920-430-8112 if you have any questions, or just walk-in!

*Source: CCN Money


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