Kids Craft Idea #1

Marble painting. This is a very easy and fun craft to do with your kids. My eight-year old daughter picked it out, got all the supplies ready and tested it out to make sure it “worked” before sharing it with our let’s go mommy friends. This project is appropriate for almost any age although adult supervision is needed for younger kids. We hope to provide similar craft ideas for you on a regular basis to help make your job a little bit easier. This idea comes from the kids’ arts-and-crafts projects book called “Hooray for Art!”


  • 8×10 piece of white paper (ideally heavier paper that is appropriate for paint)
  • 13×9 cake pan
  • 2-3 colors of Tempura paint (acrylic paint should work, too, but we did not test it with that and it is not washable)
  • 2-3 marbles


  1. Place paper in pan
  2. Squirt 2-3 dots of different colors of paint on paper wherever you choose
  3. Place marbles on dots of paint
  4. Tilt pan back and forth so marbles roll around and make “tracks” of paint on paper
  5. Continue step 4 until you like how your abstract art looks!


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