Monday Mom

Monday Moms in Green Bay

Meet today’s Monday Mom, Perri DeSautel.

Q: What town/city do you live in?
A: De Pere.

Q: How many kids do you have?
A: Two.

Q: What are their ages?
A: They are 7 and 11.

Q: Do you work outside the home? If so, where/what do you do?
A: Yes, I work in financial services.

Q: Where is your favorite place around Green Bay to take your kids?
A: Heritage Hill State Historical Park.

Q: If you had one parenting tip to share with others that has worked for you/helped you, what would it be?
A: Be here now/be present for your kids.

Q: Are you a night owl or an early bird (despite what you have to be as a mom)?
A: Night owl.

Q: Share your story.
A: Enjoying every minute of being a single mom of two beautiful daughters! ❤️

Thanks for sharing with us, Perri!

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