Monday Morning Moms in Green Bay

Meet Lisa Lemirand!

Q: What town/city do you live in?
A: De Pere

Q: How many kids do you have?
A: Two boys

Q: What are their ages?
A: 6 & 9

Q: Do you work outside the home? If so, where & what do you do?
A: I work part-time for the West De Pere School District as an Aide

Q: What is your favorite at-home activity to do with your kids?
A: Playing board games, anything outside (basketball, catch, frisbee, etc.) and watching movies

Q: Where is your favorite place around Green Bay to take your kids?
A: We love swimming at VFW pool in De Pere, hiking at Fonferek Glen and Baird’s Creek. We also love mini-golfing at Duck Creek Golf Center. When the kids were little they loved the Tuesday and Thursday morning playdates at the gymnastics centers.

Q: If you had one parenting tip to share that has worked for you/helped you, what would it be?
A: Relax and don’t be so hard on yourself. Utilize others instead of trying to do it yourself. It really does take a village to raise a child!

Q: What do you like to do when you have time for yourself?
A: I love reading, walking, coffee with friends and going to movies. I have also recently rediscovered painting and am learning to play the piano! 🙂

Q: Are you a night owl or an early bird (despite what you have to be as a mom)?
A: I am naturally a night owl.

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment?
When my husband and I were first dating I invited him over for dinner. I was making tacos in the kitchen and he asked me a question.  I thought he asked what was for dinner and I replied “tacos” when in reality he wanted to know how much rent was. When I realized the error I was so embarrassed I starting laughing nervously and couldn’t stop, which made me laugh even more, which made me even more embarrassed. We still laugh about it today. 🙂

Q: Share a funny quote from one of your kids.
A:  There are so many! My kids like to ask “is this how stuff was done in the olden days….you know, like in 1980?”  🙂    

Thanks for sharing with us, Lisa. Check back next week to meet another area mom!

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