Sensory Safe Zone for Families

Did you know that there is now a Sensory Safe Zone at the Resch Center? With Disney on Ice going on this week, families should know about this great amenity that has been added to the Resch Center!

The area is geared toward family members of any age that may be on the autism spectrum or have another emotional or mental disorder. It will allow them a safe place to decompress without leaving the venue in hopes that they will be able to return to their seats and enjoy the rest of the show. The soft space will be equipped with weighted blankets and therapy tools recommended by industry professionals to assist customers. PMI Entertainment consulted with the CP Center of Green Bay to assess the space and offer recommendations on furnishings.

sensory zone

There will also be a live feed of the show whenever possible so the performance can be viewed from the Sensory Safe Zone without the stimulation of a live performance. Noise cancelling head phones and sunglasses will also be available for check-out in the Zone as often times these items allow the person to cope with and overcome their anxiety.

At this point, the Sensory Safe Zone will be available during Disney On Ice February 10-14, Marvel Universe Live March 24-27 and Gamblers games Feb 20, March 20, April 1 and April 2 at the Resch Center. It may be available for more events in the future as well based on need and demand.

There is no fee to use the Zone and it can be accessed at any time during the above events. Customers who do not know where it is located may ask any guest service or box office representative for directions.

For families who want to plan in advance, they can request a script of the show’s special effects from PMI Entertainment prior to the event. If one is available, it will be provided to families allowing them to prepare for what will happen and when so they have ample opportunity to leave their seats prior to a specific trigger, if needed.

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