Teacher Gifts

If you’re like me, every year when May rolls around I’m up to my eyeballs in soccer and softball and I seem to forget about the inevitable end-of-the-school-year teacher thank you gifts. Usually by the time I remember that I need to get teacher gifts it’s too late to be creative and make something and then I struggle with ideas of what to buy that the teacher will like or use. So if you are in that boat this year and looking for ideas, I enlisted the help of some friends to share some of our go-to gift ideas…hopefully this will spark something for you this year!

Gift cards. The Schoolhouse, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Steins Garden & Gifts, Kwik Trip, or their favorite place—if you are privy to such info.

Plants or Flowers. To add a personal touch, paint or write a message on the vase or pot.

Office/school supplies gift basket. Make it fun by getting uniquely shaped (i.e. high heel tape dispenser) and colorful items. You could put everything inside an inbox/desk tray in keeping with the theme.

Hipchip.com. This is a great website for gift cards where parents can each chip-in donations and it is all collected in one spot for a class gift pool. The gift card is given to the teacher from the whole class or whichever families want to participate.

Yankee candles. This has become my personal favorite go-to teacher gift. I feel like candles are something that everyone enjoys and these Yankee candles come in great jars that can be re-used for various things even after the candle is gone. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. My girls choose the candle scent/color they think their teacher will love and then we usually throw in a scented hand sanitizer or lotion for good measure. (If you plan ahead you can also get a great deal when they have specials like buy 2/get 2 offers.)


Bath & Body. Buy or make your own gift basket filled with great-smelling hand sanitizers, hand soap, body wash, hand or body lotion, room spray, body spray, etc. FYI: Bath & Body Works will make custom gift bags/baskets for you with the items you select.

Homemade. Obviously you can find tons of ideas for creative, homemade gifts on Pinterest. Here are just a few from my friends:

  • A fun picture frame filled with crayons (see feature photo)
  • A “garden of gratitude” filled with paper flowers decorated by each of the classmates. This one requires some coordination, but is very thoughtful. You would need to make copies of a flower template that fits inside the box you purchase and then send home a flower with each child to write their name on it and decorate. They can color it, add stickers and/or write a special message. You could also add a gift card from your local garden center or nursery to fit with the theme. Then decorate the box & you’re done!


  • A simple, handwritten note of appreciation attached to a cute jar filled with cookie mix, ranch dressing mix, chai tea mix or the like.
  • If you are into knitting, croqueting or any other hobby, then definitely make your specialty for the teacher!

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