Welcome to let’s go mommy 2.0

You may have noticed some changes to let’s go mommy. I call it let’s go mommy 2.0.

If you didn’t hear or know about the changes from my emails or FB posts, I wanted to give you all the details here. I’ll start at the beginning.

I started let’s go mommy on 5/5/15 as a stay-at-home mom of three little girls because I never seemed to know what events were going on where or when. From story times and open gyms to special events and summer swimming spots, we were always missing out. I got tired of hearing about fun events AFTER they were over. So I decided to create a comprehensive, one-stop resource for parents to make planning family events easy. Let’s go mommy is not a franchise. It’s a locally-owned business that I started here because I live here.

Since 2015, I’ve curated all the events and experiences for families in the Green Bay area with over 7,500 event listings on the let’s go mommy calendar each year!!! We’ve helped thousands of parents and families in Green Bay make meaningful memories & celebrate milestones without the hassle of doing all the research.

Over the years, let’s go mommy expanded by adding more guides for families–the “let’s go guides”. These guides help parents with everyday life by finding kids eat free/cheap restaurants, local parks, birthday party locations, preschools, summer camps, farmers markets, pumpkin patches/apple orchards and sledding & skating spots. It’s truly been a labor of love.

In 2022, I decided that in order to to cover my time, energy and expenses to continue providing all this information and service to the community, I needed to make some changes. So, on 2/22/22, I launched a redesigned website that is membership based for a low annual fee of $12 per year. Along with this change I also added a new perk for members–discounts from local businesses!!

There are still some free features including access to the home page with a preview of some upcoming events, blogs, and select let’s go guides including the Preschool Guide, Summer Camp Guide and Birthday Party Guide.

For the $12 annual membership (that’s literally just $1 per month!!!), members get:

    • Unlimited access to the full event calendar with over 7,500 event listings per year.
    • Let’s go eat guide to help you save money on eating out by finding all the places where kids can eat free or cheap on which days. (This alone could save you up to $12/month for a family with 2 kids that eats out once a month!)
    • Let’s go to market guide to help you find all the farmer’s markets to choose from.
    • Let’s go outside guide, a comprehensive list of over 150 parks in the area so you can find new places to try.
    • Let’s go pick apple & pumpkins guide–because how many times have you wondered where all the best apple orchards and pumpkin patches are?
    • Let’s go ski, skate & sled guide–so all you have to do is find the coats, snow pants and gloves.
    • Complimentary admission to our monthly playdates at various fun locations around Green Bay.
    • Savings!! $$ Get a special discount to a different local business each month, like Fusion Athletics, The Green Bay Children’s Museum, Pure Barre, Jim’s Music, Bu-tiffle Things Boutique and more!

The value is a no-brainer…by the time you take advantage of all the planning resources provided by let’s go mommy, use the let’s go eat guide to find a restaurant with free or discounted kids meals, attend a playdate and/or redeem the special monthly discount, you will easily save more than the $12 per year you’re spending on the membership!

I believe these changes will provide you with a better user experience, help you make meaningful memories with your kids, always be in-the-know and save some money along the way. If you’d like to join, click here to get started. Welcome to let’s go mommy 2.0. I hope you like it!

Lindy Bethke
Owner – let’s go mommy

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