Bay Park Square Mall Play Area

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With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the time of year where many of us will be spending more time shopping and looking for indoor activities as the weather turns cold. So with that, this month’s featured spot is the Bay Park Square Mall Play Area. Here’s everything you need to know from Stephanie Blavat-Vesely, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Bay Park Square Mall:

A safe and fun space for kids to explore at Bay Park Square Mall!
Shopping with young kids in tow can be hectic, and the children’s play area at Bay Park Square Mall is a great spot for families to take a break when they’re visiting the mall! Located in front of Shopko, the Prevea Health children’s soft play area provides a safe, dedicated space for kids to exercise, learn and have fun.

The children’s play area is specially designed for kids to use their imaginations, experiment, and increase coordination. Colorful climbers, slides and tunnels help kids develop gross motor skills, test spatial relationships, and build confidence. The play area also features wall-mounted games and puzzles to help kids with cognition, problem solving, and hand/eye coordination. The toys and climbers are geared mostly towards younger kids, ages 5 & under, but kids up to age 10 or 42” tall are welcome to enjoy the play area.

As a mom myself, germs and safety are always on my mind. In the children’s play area, the equipment is soft and antibacterial, the seating is soft, and the flooring feels like a tumbling mat. The surfacing is designed to absorb shock and impact during a fall, and the play area’s smooth finish materials are naturally antibacterial, ensuring a healthier play environment for kids of all ages. You can also rest assured that the play area is cleaned and sanitized daily. Having these features helps take the worry out of playtime – it’s truly the perfect place for kids to have fun and burn off energy in the midst of a shopping excursion.

A few other good things to know about the play area are: there is a diaper changing station in the play area as well as charging stations so you can charge your devices while the kids play. There are parking spots for your strollers outside of the play area and cubbies for shoes/socks inside the play area. Also, if you’re in need of a restroom during playtime, the nearest one is located in Shopko.

The Prevea Health children’s soft play area is free to use and is open during regular mall hours at Bay Park Square Mall. So the next time you’re at the mall, stop by and play!

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