Bug-a-Boo Lice Treatment in Green Bay

It happened. Eight years of successful parenting and then IT HAPPENED!! Let me set the scene: I was basking in the quiet of the Monday morning following an exceedingly hectic birthday party for my son, Reidar (the theme was Mad Scientist, so you can imagine the chaos). My daughter, Trinity (nickname: Bugaboo), was laying on the couch with me as I went to kiss her head and send her off to get ready for school, when suddenly…“OH MY GOSH!!!! NO… NO… NOOOOOO!” I literally threw her off me, spewing sassy words, including the sassiest word of all: LICE! What followed was a long day of laundering all soft surfaces, bleaching all hard surfaces, dosing her (and me) with chemicals, and 5 rounds of picking through Trinity’s hair with a tweezers. Once the fumes from the pesticidal furniture spray cleared, I found myself thinking two things: 1) That actually wasn’t so bad 2) I can help other moms!

After researching different certification options, I decided to enroll in the Shepherd Institute at the Nashville, TN location. Katie Shepherd has been studying lice and lice treatment for more than 20 years, so I figured she would have a thing or two to teach me! I spent an intensive week studying the biology, treatment and effects of lice, as well as managing several hands-on cases, using the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Removal. When I returned to Green Bay, I was “itching” to get started…oh yeah, also itching with the memory of having my very own Shepherd Method treatment while at the Institute. Turns out anyone and everyone CAN get lice–even a serial hair-colorer who uses tons of hair products daily and shampoos every three days like myself! With a passion for helping others, my sister Amanda Braun and I partnered to form Bug-a-Boo Lice Treatment LLC, a woman-owned company which helps families in the education and treatment of head lice.

Even though our doors opened less than 2 months ago, I can happily say that we have already helped more than 100 heads become lice and nit free, and we’re just getting started! We offer an array of Bug-a-Boo preventative products, as well as a treatment mousse and the best comb on the market. Whether families choose to have their lice treated in our office or do it themselves at home, we are committed to walk alongside them until the unwelcome parasites are gone! For me, the motivation behind this business is that I have been there! I have been the mom who panicked and read all the (mis)information on the internet, choosing harmful chemicals. I have been the mom who had to send out the HUMBLING mass text informing all the Birthday party moms that their child had been in the same house as lice *gasp*! I have been the mom agonizing through my own head check, only to hear the words (in the most darling southern accent you can imagine) “GIRL, Ah think you got nee-its!”, leaving me trying to hide my tears of shame. I HAVE BEEN THERE. And my mission is to help guide others through their dark and itchy time with less chemicals, less tears and less wine than I had. And so far we’re having fun along the way! So if it happens to your family, know you are not alone. And if you need help, come see us at Bug-a-Boo!

Monica Veley, CEO and Shepherd Certified Lice Treatment Technician
Bug-a-Boo Lice Treatment LLC
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-3; after-hours & weekends by appt
812 S. Fisk St
Suite 212
Green Bay, WI 54304

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  1. Do you have any openings today? My daughters head is itching and we just found out today her cousins have it… I’d like to get her checked as soon as possible please

  2. They changed their name to Nit-Orious BUG. Google it and contact them directly to schedule an appointment. Good luck!!

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