Free Summer Lunches for Kids: 2021

Again this summer all kids ages 1-18 can get a FREE, healthy lunch at one of many locations in Green Bay, Ashwaubenon and De Pere. There is no need to sign up, register or apply–all kids are eligible and can just show up to get their lunch! This program is through The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, which provides nutritious meals to children during the summer, when free and reduced-price school meals are typically unavailable. This program fills a void when school lunches are not available and helps parents meet the nutritional needs of their children. You can find the complete list of all locations serving summer lunches with this link. See below for more information on these area programs.

Please note: Lunch trucks at parks typically only stay for about 10 minutes, so don’t be late to pick up your lunch or you might miss out.

Program runs Monday through Friday, June 14th-August 13th at 2 locations.
Fort Howard Park: ~12PM Mon-Fri
Parkview Middle School: ~12PM after summer school in school cafeteria. You do not have to be enrolled in summer school to get a lunch.
Other notes: Each person must be present to receive lunch. Adults 19+ may purchase a lunch for $3 (cash only).

De Pere
Program runs Monday through Friday, June 14th-August 13th at Optimist Park & Dickinson Elementary and June 7th-August 20th at Westwood Elementary.
Optimist Park: 12-12:30
Dickinson Elementary School: 11:30-12
Westwood Elementary School: 11:30-12:15
Other notes: Adults 19+ may purchase a lunch for $3 (cash only). Severe weather location for Optimist Park is Heritage Elementary School (1250 Swan Rd).

Green Bay 
Program runs Monday through Friday, June 14th-August 13th at school locations and June 16th-August 20th at park locations. (Some select locations may run longer.) Dates and times of serving varies at locations, so visit this link for a complete list of locations and times lunch will be served. Times and locations are also listed below. Meal bags this summer will include both a breakfast and lunch. Please let the Food Service employee know if you do not want milk with your meal bag. Community members can pick-up bags for their children 18 years and younger at the locations included in the list below during the times listed.

Park lunches will be available at various times between 11AM and 1PM Monday thru Friday at 24 Green Bay parks! To find the location of the parks, you can check out the let’s go mommy park guide here. The park lunch schedule is as follows:

Astor: 12:05-12:20
Baird Park: 11:45-11:55
Beaumont Park: 11:45-11:55
Beaver Dam: 11:40-11:50
Colburn: 11:10-11:20
Danz: 12:05-12:20
Eastman: 11:25-11:40
Edison: 12:30-12:40
Fisk: 12:10-12:25
Fort Howard: 11:55-12:05
Fritsch: 11:20-11:30
Joannes: 11:50-12:00
John Muir: 11:55-12:10
Kennedy: 11:45-12:00
Marquette: 11:25-11:40
Mather Heights: 11:35-11:45
McAuliffe:  12:05-12:20
Perkins: 11:15-11:30
Red Smith: 11:05-11:15
Seymour: 12:30-12:40
St Philip: 11:35-11:45
Tank: 12:00-12:15
VT Pride: 11:05-11:15
Wilder: 12:45-12:55

Schools and other locations will be serving lunches at various times between 9AM and 11:15AM Monday thru Friday at 31 locations. The schedule is as follows:

Baird Elementary: 9:45-11:15
Central Library: 11:10-11:20
Chappell Elementary: 9:30-11:00
Children’s Museum: 11:20-11:40
Danz Elementary: 9:45-11:15
East High: 8:30-11:15
Edison Middle: 9:15-11:15
Eisenhower Elementary: 9:15-10:45
Fort Howard Elementary: 8:45-10:15
Franklin Middle: 9:45-11:15
Freedom House (East): 11:25-11:35
Freedom House (West): 11:00-11:10
Howe Community School:  9:00-10:30
HSLC Head Start: 9:45-10:45
Jackson Elementary: 8:45-10:15
Jefferson Head Start: 9:45-10:45
Kennedy Elementary: 9:45-11:15
Lombardi Middle: 9:45-11:15
Martin Elementary: 9:30-11:00
McAuliffe Elementary: 9:30-11:00
Minoka Hill: 9:45-10:45
NEW School of Innovation: 9:45-10:30
Nicolet Elementary: 9:45-11:15
Preble High: 9:30-11:00
Southwest High: 9:45-11:15
Southwest Library: 12:15-12:25
Sullivan Elementary: 9:15-10:45
Tank Elementary: 9:45-11:15
Washington Middle: 9:45-10:45
Webster Elementary: 9:00-10:30
West High: 10:15-11:00

Other notes: Lunch will not be served on 7/5. No summer school sites will serve lunch 7/5-9 except Franklin Middle School. No parks will serve lunch 8/3 but can get dinner at the Kiddie Karnival at Leicht Park. Adults 19+ may purchase a lunch for $4.25, breakfast for $2.50, both for $6.75 and 1 milk carton for 40 cents (cash only).

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