Fresh Start Challenge for the New Year


Let’s go mommy is looking for up to 3 moms to take part in an 8-week “Fresh Start Challenge” at the Green Bay Kroc Community Center this January-March 2018 and provide weekly updates/blogs about the experience and your progress. The Fresh Start Challenge combines exercise and nutrition education with cooking classes and discounted personal training. Gain the knowledge you need to be healthier and compete to win a prize for the biggest transformation! In return, you will be enrolled in this class at the Green Bay Kroc Community Center for no fee along with a FREE family membership during the time of challenge and you will get a chance to blog & share your experience with fellow moms.
If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please PM me via Facebook or email me at to tell me more about yourself and why you would be a good fit for this opportunity (please see below for some requirements). Up to 3 winners will be selected at the discretion of let’s go mommy and the Kroc Community Center. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, January 4th. Winner will be selected/announced the week of January 8th.
The ideal candidate should:
*Be able to attend all or most classes which will be held weekly at the Kroc Community Center on Tuesdays from 6-7PM starting Jan 16th through March 6th (with an informational meeting on Jan 9th).
*Be motivated to transform your body, nutrition/eating habits and/or fitness routine (you do NOT need to be out of shape, overweight or etc to be considered as a candidate–this can be for anyone no matter their size or shape!)
*Be a positive representative of the let’s go mommy brand
*Be comfortable writing/blogging and able to provide a weekly blog about your experience with the Fresh Start Challenge during the 8 weeks of the course
*Be comfortable sharing your personal experience and photos of yourself with others
*Be open to the possibility of additional opportunities with let’s go mommy throughout 2018 as a brand ambassador

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