Fresh Start Fridays

[By Carrie Nowak]

BAM! It hit me like a brick. The flu that is. Before I went to bed I set my alarm for 6:20AM so I could take the 7AM cycle class at the Kroc. But before my alarm had a chance to go off, I woke up at 3AM feeling awful. I drug myself to urgent care and was informed that I tested positive for the flu. I was in bed for 2 days straight and I was under house arrest for a week so I wouldn’t pass the flu to anyone else. Then a few days later one of the kids gets the flu, my flu turned into a cold and that turned into a sinus infection. By the time everyone in the house was feeling better it was almost 2 weeks later. Needless to say, my Fresh Start Challenge–those workouts, classes and eating well that I was working on–had all come to a stop. It was all too easy to fall back into bad habits.

When Tuesday came around and it was time for our Fresh Start class, I felt like I was starting all over again. But once I was there I knew that I could do this; and yes, I hit a wall, but I will get around that wall and if I have to, I’ll knock it down! So this week for me is all about getting back into a healthy routine, prepping meals, getting back to my goals and getting back to the gym. I’m sure this won’t be my last setback, but thanks to the encouragement of my Fresh Start people and the positive atmosphere at the Kroc it definitely makes it easier to get back to it!

*Have you had something like this happen? Don’t get discouraged. We all hit walls, encounter roadblocks and/or have a bad day. But that’s no reason to give up! Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh–make the most of it!!* 

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