It’s a Great Time to Learn to Swim!

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The temperatures are slowly getting warmer…hooray! That means that summer is just around the corner and all of the fun that goes with the season, including cookouts, being outside and swimming! Now is a great time to make sure you kiddo is ready for the water.

There are a lot of options out there when looking for a swim class for your child. To help narrow the search, consider the following tips to help with your decision:

1. Start them young
While most children aren’t fully able to apply the skills of swimming until the age of 6 or 7, having them start as early as six months can be beneficial. Getting in the water at a young age can help your child get used to the water. Splashing around, blowing bubbles and dunking their head under water can help make the water fun so when it comes time to learn the skills in a more structured setting, they won’t be afraid of diving in.

2. Know what to look for
When considering where to take swim lessons, make sure the facility has safety as the number one priority. That means they employ certified instructors and have the right number of lifeguards on duty. Also look for a site that is well maintained with well-kept locker rooms and pool area. In addition, look for classes that have small class sizes and provide group and one-on-one instruction. As far as skills, make sure you sign up for a class that will focus on mastering fundamentals like stroke, diving and kicking.

3. Look for different styles of classes
The fun thing about swim classes is that there are a lot of options to consider! Group lessons involve small groups of children learning to swim at the same time with an instructor while parent and child classes have a parent in the water with their child during the lesson. Some classes teach basic skills, while others offer playtime and the opportunity to get used to the water. Really, it depends on personal preference and what your child needs when considering age and skill level.

If you are interested in getting your child started with swim classes, check out what CP’s Aquatic Center has to offer. We are open to the public and have swim classes for children 6 months to 7 years, all held in a safe and fun atmosphere. We focus on teaching the basic skills needed to become a strong swimmer. Spring registration begins on 3/26 and the Spring Session runs from April 2nd-June 22nd. Learn more at

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  1. My boys love being in the water! My three year old is now starting to want to learn move around on his own in the water, while my one year old just likes to splash and play with toys.

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