Kids Craft Idea: Easy Gingerbread Houses

If you’re looking for a fun craft/activity to do with the littles before Christmas or during the break, here is a nice one that I learned from a friend who is a 4K teacher a few years back. It has become a family tradition for us. Every year we make little gingerbread houses using single serve milk cartons. The kids love it!

Milk Carton (my kids bring them home from school after rinsing them out)
Graham Crackers
White Frosting (we use it out of a can)
Assorted Candies (this is your choice, some ideas are: chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, coconut, skittles, M&M’s, gummies, kisses, candy canes, junior mints, gumdrops, etc)
Plate to display the Gingerbread House (you can use a disposable plate or something nicer…I cover a mini disposable plate with foil)




Simply frost the sides and top of milk carton and stick graham crackers in place as you go, then add the candies to decorate as desired!



A few additional tips that I have found work well:
-Each child making a house gets their own knife for the frosting (you may even want to dip out frosting into separate containers for each child so they don’t have to share one can and depending on the space where they are working)
-I separate the candies into bowls. The kids can then easily get what they want as needed. If sharing or space is a problem, maybe let them choose in advance what they want to use or give each child a few of each type of candy to keep in their work area.
-If you put a little dab of frosting on the bottom of the milk carton and/or on the plate where it will be displayed, this will help the house stay in place. You may want to do this at the beginning or the end depending on the decorating process. (Some kids may like to hold their house as they are working on it until they get close to the end.)

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