Kids’ Halloween Craft Idea: Frankenstein

Halloween Popsicle Stick Pals
Tutorial & Photos by Kandace Sechler – Owner of Hello Lemon Studio
Here is a fun craft to do with your kids this October. Do it at home, or visit Hello Lemon Studio in De Pere where they will have all the supplies on hand and do it there.
Jumbo Craft Sticks
Craft Glue
Googly Eyes
Colored Cardstock
Paint Brushes
Step 1:
Lay out 5 craft sticks side-by-side. (We will call these the face sticks).
Step 2:
Using your scissors, trim down two craft sticks to fit across the face sticks.
Step 3:
Apply glue to the trimmed down sticks and lay them about 1″ from the top and bottom across the face sticks.
Step 4:
Allow the glue to dry, then flip over.
Step 5:
Paint the entire surface the color that you have chosen for the face.
Step 6:
After the face paint has dried, use a clean paintbrush to paint the hair onto the top portion of the face.
Step 7:
Select some googly eyes, apply glue to the back, and stick them onto the face.
Step 8:
Using a thin paintbrush, paint the mouth onto the face.
Step 9:
Cut out two screw shapes from the colored cardstock and glue them to the backside of the face.
Step 10:
Let your Halloween Popsicle Stick Pal dry. Optional: Take it a step further and add a magnet to the back  to stick your pal to the refrigerator!
Get creative and try some other fun designs!

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