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Being healthy is more than just eating good foods and exercising. As Moms we need to practice self-care and give ourselves permission to enjoy life and take a break from being a Mom sometimes.
Recently I attended a Women’s Wellness Retreat. It was hosted by the YMCA and located at camp U-Nah-Li-Ya.
The retreat was for the whole weekend and we stayed in cabins. Let me tell you, I came back totally recharged, relaxed and enlightened! We spent the weekend attending different wellness-related activities including, biking, hiking, zip lining, self defense, massages, crafts, canoeing, archery, hiking, yoga, camp-fires and more. We had wonderful food and entertainment. On the last night we watched a hilarious comedy show–I’m not sure I’ve laughed that much in a long time. It was so much fun! My biggest accomplishment of the weekend was finding the courage and strength to zip-line despite feeling totally scared.


I did miss my family. It was my first time away from the baby, but it felt so good to find myself again. Attending this retreat will definitely be an annual event for me. As Moms we often start to lose our identity and forget that it’s important to take care of ourselves just as much as our family. Taking time to have fun, laugh and relax is crucial to our wellness. The stress of our daily lives can take such a toll on our minds and bodies. Give yourself permission to take a break. Being healthy means taking care of your whole self: your body and your mind.
Tip: Schedule time to do something for you. Whether it’s a women’s retreat, a pedicure or dinner with a friend, take some time away from your family. 
Update: I’ve lost another 2 pounds this month. Progress is slow but I’m staying motivated. When I have a bad day I start over the next. I still do a lot of walking and try to jog once a week. I started physical therapy on my neck in hopes that it will help with the chronic pain I have. Stay tuned next month for another update and tips.
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