8 Tips for Avoiding Weight Loss Rut

Are you in a weight loss rut?  I am!  A weight loss rut, or as experts call it–a weight loss plateau, is when your body adapts to your current lifestyle and you stop seeing weight loss results. I’ve currently maintained the same weight for several months. A positive thing is that I’m not gaining, but I’m not losing either. With 20 lbs left until I reach my goal, I have some work to do!  The good news is that just about everyone experiences weight loss plateau’s so it’s important to know that this is typical of any weight loss journey. Let me give you some tips to help you break out of the dreaded weight loss plateau.

1-Take a look at your diet. Chances are, you need to make some adjustments in the foods and drinks you’re eating. More fruits, veggies, lean protein and more water. Every bite matters. Don’t deprive yourself but keep it in moderation. I like to treat myself on Fridays, but don’t let that indulging last all weekend. Keep your fridge full of healthy options.

2-Eat more small meals throughout the day so that you don’t become overly hungry and more likely to overeat.

3- Drink water!!! I said it before and I will say it again, lots of water!

4- Take a look at your fitness routine. Perhaps you don’t have one and you need to start moving more, or maybe you’ve been doing a lot of walking and need to add a little jogging. If you lift weights you need to add a little more weight. If you do interval training you need to push harder. If you’re a runner you may need to run farther or harder. If you’re currently working out 3 days a week, add a 4th and so on. When it comes to your fitness routine you’re going to need to change it up. Your body will start to adapt to the same workouts so you need to challenge it.

5- Find a friend to workout with or join a weightloss competition. Both of these options can be very motivational.

6- Get more sleep! I was recently told that a lot of my current health problems are because I’m not getting enough good quality sleep. These days everyone is so busy and as Mom’s we usually get little sleep. I think we play it off that it’s just part of our lives and that as a Mom you’re not going to get good sleep, but good quality sleep is necessary. It will make a difference in almost everything you do. Your body needs good quality sleep, so make it a priority.

7- Just get moving. Walk on your lunch break, walk with your kids. Walk after dinner. Park farther away, take the steps. Be active in your yard. All these extra movements will add up.

8- Try a new activity. Hiking, biking, swimming are some fun summer ideas. Trick your body by finding a different form of exercise.

I’m wishing you much luck in your health and wellness journey!

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