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Meet Leanna Povish!

Q: What town/city do you live in?
A:  Green Bay.

Q: How many kids do you have?
A:  Two.

Q: What are their ages?
A:  Our son Oliver is 6 and our daughter Annabelle is 2.

Q: Do you work outside the home? If so, where & what do you do?
A:  I’m currently a stay-at-home mom with a side cupcake and cake decorating business. I’ve been decorating cakes for almost 5 years and just recently have been taking the steps to turn my hobby into a business. My favorite cakes to make are birthday cakes and smash cakes, but I also love creating the vision a bride has for a wedding cake. Please keep me in mind for you next celebration! Below are some pictures of a few of my cakes/cupcakes. You can get in touch with me at: 

Q: What is your favorite at-home activity to do with your kids?
A:  My kids and I absolutely love cooking and baking together. One of my favorite childhood memories was baking cookies with mom and dumping all the ingredients in myself. I knew it was a memory I wanted to create with my own kids.

Q: Where is your favorite place around Green Bay to take your kids?
A:  We enjoy the wildlife sanctuary year round. The animals always seem to be active and the kids love exploring the indoor exhibits.

Q: If you had one parenting tip to share that has worked for you/helped you, what would it be?
A:  Be firm, fair and consistent! I believe kids do better when they know what to expect from you.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do for yourself when you have time?
A:  I honestly really enjoy making my grocery and shopping lists. There is something oddly satisfying about having my grocery list organized by the aisles in the store.

Q: Are you a night owl or an early bird (despite what you have to be as a mom)?
A:  I’m an early bird! I enjoy being able to drink my coffee without someone else needing something.

Q: Share a funny quote from one of your kids.
A: As I’m shoving ice cream in my mouth, my 6 year old says “ you know you should slow down and enjoy your food, right?” I must be doing something right after all. 😉

Thanks for sharing with us, Leanna! Check back on another Monday to meet a different area mom.
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  1. Leanna, I love making lists, too! My husban thinks it’s so weird that I organize it by department – I even color code it by sale items, coupons, etc.

    I also love baking and decorating… I think we may be long lost sisters!

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