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This Monday Mom feature is going to be a little different than the others. In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, I thought it would be fun to feature my mom! She is not a Green Bay area mom, but she is a great one so I want to share a little bit about her today and let her know how much I love and admire her. (Forgive me if this one is a little long.)

Meet Jessie Roark Arrowood!

My mom is such a great woman, wife, mom, sister, aunt and grandmother I’m not even sure where to begin! I have so much respect and admiration for her. She is very modest and humble to the point that I wish she would give herself more credit and could see for herself how amazing she is.

My mom was born and raised in Jackson County, Kentucky, a very rural part of eastern Kentucky on the outskirts of the Appalachian Mountains. She came from a family of 9 children and was the oldest of the “second set” of kids. Her father worked for the railroad and had a small farm; unfortunately her mother died from breast cancer at the young age of 51 when my mom was only 14 years old. I can’t imagine losing my mom at such a young age. Not to mention that my mom was the oldest of the kids living at home at that time (the older ones were married or in the service), so she basically became the mother figure to her three younger siblings at just 14 years of age. With her father working on the railroad and being gone a lot she had so much responsibility–caring for her siblings, milking cows (by hand), doing farm chores, cooking, cleaning and school work. She had to ‘grow up’ at such a young age and without the benefit of a mother during those crucial teenage and young adult years. She managed through those tough years and went to college in Kentucky where she met my dad and got married. They moved to New Lothrop, Michigan, where most of my dad’s family was living at the time, and that is where they lived & raised me until my dad retired in 2003. (At that point they moved back to Kentucky where they are currently living.)

My mom has never complained about her past to me, it’s just the way it was. And it took many years for me to really realize and appreciate what a hard adolescence it must have been for her. I always wish I could somehow change my mom’s past and that she could have grown up with her mother and wouldn’t have had to endure that loss and pain. But perhaps it is those experiences that shaped who she is today.

Everything my mom does, she does well–if she does something, she does it right and gives 110%. Among other things she is a terrific cook (even though I have learned in recent years that she actually doesn’t enjoy cooking all that much), a great seamstress (she can sew, hem and make the most beautiful curtains you’ve ever seen), knows her way around a tool shed and the garden and is very artistic and creative. Most importantly, she is a wonderful Christian woman and has always been such a great example and role model for me. She is kind, giving and loving–always taking care of others’ needs before her own. She taught me to have high morals and values and the importance of having God in my life.

I’m so thankful for her and I wish I were more like her. Thank you, mom, for all that you do. I love you!

Jessie and Lindy when Lindy was 3


Jessie at Moraine Lake July 2015

Q: What town/city do you live in?
A: Richmond, Kentucky

Q: How many kids do you have?
A: One daughter, Lindy

Q: What are their ages?
A: I’m not sure if she wants me to tell everyone her age… 😉

Q: If you had one parenting tip to share, what would it be?
A: Reality Discipline as taught by Dr Kevin Leman in the book “Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours”. It makes so much sense and is truly effective when used properly. Less talking to/nagging/reminding children and more action/follow-through with logical consequences that are a direct result of children’s actions or disobedience. I definitely recommend reading the book!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do for yourself when you have time?
A: Painting and crafting.

(Below is a picture of my mom’s latest crafting venture. She doesn’t know that I’m including this photo, so I hope she doesn’t mind.)


Q: Are you a night owl or an early bird (despite what you have to be as a mom)?
A: More night owl than early bird.

Q: Share a funny quote from one of your kids
A: When Lindy was around three years old, I opened a package of Reese’s peanut butter cups, gave her one and took the other one for myself. Then, being calorie-conscious at the time, I looked on the back of the package to see how many calories were in them. I said, “Just one of these cups has 105 calories!”, to which Lindy replied, “I sure hope it isn’t mine!” (She didn’t even know what calories were…it was so funny!)

Check back next week to meet another area mom!

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