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[Sponsored Post by Laura Morgan, Melaleuca Marketer]

Isn’t let’s go mommy great? I mean it…there is no way that I could have been a good enough Green Bay “activity director” to pull off cheap ice cream, fun shows and play dates for my three young children without let’s go mommy! (Round of applause for Lindy!)

Just like this website has pulled together some of the most fun things for kids in the Green Bay area, I have found a one-stop shop website that has pulled together safe, healthy household & food products that you can buy online and I want to share it with my Green Bay neighbors! It provides my family with inexpensive eco-friendly, GMO free, and non-toxic grocery and cleaning products delivered right to our door.

As a Registered Dietitian, I am a fanatic about what goes in my kids’ mouths. Seriously, I can be a bit crazy sometimes…I have to ask questions like: Is it GMO free? How much sugar’s in that? Did you deep-fry this or bake it? (Loud Ohh and eye roll…I know what you’re thinking…”You’re the mom who has never gone to McDonald’s with your kids for chicken nuggets!” NO, NO, NO…I promise I’m not quite that bad!)

But, while I was crazy about the food my kids ate, I never once batted an eye about what toothpaste my kids were brushing with, what cleaners I was scrubbing the floor with or what I was disinfecting my kids toys with. I was running to Walmart and Target like most moms, picking up bleach, Pine-Sol and Colgate toothpaste and thinking nothing of it.

However, after my third child I started to do some research and learned what the P&G’s and Johnson & Johnson’s of the world were putting in their products–sulfates, phosphates, ammonias and extra water, just to name a few. And if words that I couldn’t pronounce on food labels were bad, that must also be true for household cleaners and dental/hair products, right?

So I began purchasing sulfate-free shampoo from TJ Maxx, triclosan-free hand sanitizer from Amazon and trying to use vinegar as much as possible for cleaning (Booo in the background from my kids who hate the smell and pinch their noses yelling “MOM, why do you need to use that stinky stuff!?”). But I found it exhausting to remember where to buy what products!

This is where pulling it all together comes in and why it was so important to me. I was introduced to an online company with Whole Foods-quality products at Target-friendly prices called Melaleuca – The Wellness Company. They are basically an online wholesaler (think Costco) delivering “total wellness on a budget”. Not only do they use essential oils in 115 of their 500 home-based products, but they are GMO free and many of the food items like coffee, popcorn and snack bars are also organic. What really “had me at HELLO” was the 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil line that won’t break your bank and is delivered right to your door!

They have things to brush your teeth, wash your hair (when you have time to shower), moisturize your chapped, diaper-changing-hands, suds your never-ending laundry, and clean the dreaded bathroom that are healthy and safe. There aren’t even childproof caps on their cleaners because they are safe to accidentally ingest. And best of all…the products really work!

I was so grateful to find a company that cared as much as I did about what went into my kids’ bodies as well as what cleaned my kids’ sheets, mouths and bedroom floor! So now I’m trying to spread the word about Melaleuca and let other parents know about this best-kept secret. This fall I would love to share with you what I have found to be an amazing one-stop shop for all of your household and family needs on a budget. Just send me a PM on Facebook to Laura Morgan and I will be happy to send you one of my favorite Melaleuca products to try! (Booyah…did she say FREE? Yep, I sure did!) I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks for reading and caring about your family’s health and future…GREAT JOB MOM and DAD!

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