St. Patty’s Day Kids Craft Idea

Welcome back to Craft Corner! This is something let’s go mommy featured in the past and I’m hoping to bring it back. I hope to start sharing easy craft ideas that you can do with your kids at home more regularly. To do so, I’ve recruited the help of one of my favorite crafty ladies, Ms. Cheri Vanden Heuvel. 🙂 A few years ago Cheri did the cutest craft projects with my girls at Kids Korner at the YMCA. Now she is one of the teachers of Learning Tree Adventures and Oodles of Art, a weekly preschool art class through the De Pere Parks & Recreation Department, and she is going to share some of her projects with us! (If you’re interested in either of these preschool classes next fall for your 3-5 year old, you can find out more by calling the De Pere Parks & Rec department at 920-339-4097 or visit

This month’s craft project is for St Patrick’s Day.

Supplies needed:
-Blue construction paper
-Froot Loops
-Picture of a rainbow with a pot of gold, clouds and sun (draw it or Google “St Patrick’s Day projects for preschoolers” and print)
-Glue bottle
-Crayons (black, yellow and gold, if possible)
-Plastic gold coins (optional: you can find these at the dollar tree)
-Cotton balls


  1. Print (or draw), color and cut out rainbow with pot of gold, clouds and sun
  2. Glue above on blue paper
  3. Cut Froot Loops in half and glue on rainbow in order of rainbow colors
  4. Glue gold coins on paper
  5. Pull cotton balls apart and glue on clouds

Your finished project will look something like this:

Obviously you can feel free to modify the project to make it work for you and/or your supplies as needed.

Happy crafting!!

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