COVID-19 Update as of 6/4/20

Hi let’s go mommy friends-
I have a new update for you as of today, 6/4/20. Many businesses have now re-opened, so the let’s go mommy daily event calendar is now up-to-date and will continue to be updated as businesses re-open and events are announced! This summer is going to look a lot different than previous summers with a lot less events, but there are still places to go and things to do and more places will continue to open over the coming weeks. A couple of public pools are also planning to open, but will have to wait and see how that goes. In any case, I still suggest that you call in advance to confirm places are open before visiting since things could change at a moments notice. I also recommend that you visit the websites of anywhere you plan to visit to find out what changes they have made so you are prepared for your visit. (I am not listing the specifics of this information in the event descriptions as that is too tedious and could be ever-changing.)  Many places will have some or all buildings closed, some may not have restrooms available, many will not have water fountains open, masks may be required, you may need to buy tickets online and/or in advance and they will be limiting the number of guests. All of this is info that you will want to know so you and your kids can be prepared and make the most of your visit.

As for the “let’s go eat” guide, that has also been updated indicating which restaurants are now open and if there are any changes to kids’ specials. I will continue updating this as I get more information. Restaurants that once offered buffets will no longer be doing so for the time being. Instead, you will order the food and it will be served to you. Again, you should expect changes as far as capacity and possibly taking reservations. I recommend calling in advance to confirm this information.

Many summer camps are still happening, but have been modified. Others have been completely cancelled or gone virtual. I have updated the “let’s go to summer camp” guide based on the information provided to me by the camps. Some have not been updated yet–either because there are no changes or because they have not yet made final decisions on the changes. I have been in touch with all of the camps listed and am relying on them to provide me with updated info when they have it. In the meantime, if you haven’t enrolled your child for summer camp yet and are still considering it, it could be a great time to sign the kids up after being stuck at home for 2+ months. Check out the summer camp guide now to find the best option for you and your family!

If you want to stay outside and check out various area parks, be sure to check out the “let’s go outside” guide which lists over 145 parks in the Green Bay area! Many parks have re-opened their playground equipment and it is a “play at your own risk” situation. Some parks may still have their playground equipment restricted, so be prepared for that as well when visiting. I would suggest taking chairs & a picnic blanket along in case benches or picnic tables are restricted/removed, water bottles in case fountains are closed (they likely will be) and, of course, hand sanitizer/wipes.

Families can also think about having birthday parties again, although they may need to limit the size of the group. If you’re considering a party for your child, check out the “let’s go party” guide and call the businesses to confirm if they are offering parties during this time and what their restrictions/limitations are as each one could be different.

Preschools are still planning to be open in the fall, so if you have a little one and haven’t enrolled in preschool yet, I highly recommend checking out the “let’s go to preschool” guide. There are 26 preschools listed with a variety of offerings as far as ages, locations, days and times. Typically enrollment would be full for most preschools for the upcoming school year by now, but due to the unique COVID-19 situation, some preschools may still have some open spots. So it could be a great time to check this out and start planning for the 2020-2021 school year, which will be here before we know it!!

If you have any questions or comments about any of the above info or you find anything that is incorrect or not listed on the event calendar or in the various guides, please contact me at

Finally, for those who are comfortable venturing out with their families, I encourage you to do so and help these businesses get back on their feet. However, if you’re not yet comfortable going out and about, you should continue to be safer at home. Obviously, each individual and family needs to decide for themselves what they are comfortable doing–whatever that is, I hope Summer 2020 is fun and memorable for your family! Let’s go mommy will continue to provide you with all of the event/activity information that is available so you know what your options are and can plan a fun day out with your family!!

(Previous Update from 5/20/20)
I just wanted to give you an update from let’s go mommy on how I’m handling updating my family-friendly event calendar for the Green Bay area during this crazy time. Basically, since a lot of places are still closed or only doing curbside delivery/pick-up due to COVID-19, if you see an event or business listed on my event calendar, please call ahead before going to confirm if they are open, hours and etc.

With the way I update my event calendar, in order to be as efficient as possible since I’m a one-mom show, I add all of the regularly recurring events (i.e. McDonald’s Play Place, Hardees Playground, Mall Play Area, Sir Bounce A Lots, Chuck E Cheese, Movies, Get Air, Children’s Museum, YMCA activities, Kroc activities and etc.) to the event calendar at once at the beginning of each year for the entire year. Then, each month I add any “special” events like Easter egg hunts, Memorial Day Parade, special shows at the Resch, Meyer or Weidner, fireworks displays, pools, summer activities/events, Halloween activities, Christmas activities and more as needed. I also update and add library storytimes for each of the Brown County Library storytime sessions and for businesses that change their hours throughout the year like the Botanical Gardens, Heritage Hill, The Neville and the NEW Zoo, I add/update those each time they have an “hours change”. It gets a bit tedious to manage all of this, but after 5 years of doing so, it’s gotten easier and I’ve come up with a pretty efficient system. However, Covid-19 throws all of that into a tizzy–just as it did for many people’s lives and businesses!! Because of this, you will see many of the events that are year-round continue to be listed on my event calendar. But that doesn’t mean they are happening. While I would love for my calendar to be up-to-date for you with all of the latest info on which businesses/events are open and happening, with all of the uncertainty and inconsistency between businesses, it just isn’t possible for me to keep up with that for right now. And it doesn’t make sense for me to delete these events from my calendar and then have to go back and add them again in a month or two when schedules return to normal. It’s a very time-consuming process, so I hope everyone can understand and can simply call ahead or check the FB or website pages of businesses before visiting them for the time being. My hope is that in the next few months things will be much more normal and up-to-date and I can get back to having a very comprehensive and accurate event calendar for you.

Other than the events that are currently showing up on the event calendar, I will not plan to add any new/special events or update business hours unless they are actually open or happening, if that makes sense.

The same goes for my listings of restaurants, parks, birthday party places, preschools and summer camps. Many restaurants are either closed or only offering delivery/curbside pick-up for now, some parks are not open for use of playground equipment & birthday parties seem to be on hold for the most part. Summer camps are still TBD–many are still planning to offer camps, but there will at least be some changes to them. I will be making these updates to my 2020 Summer Camp Guide as soon as I get the info from the businesses. As for Preschools, I think it is safe to say EVERYONE is hoping that preschool and school will resume on schedule in the fall! So for now, I would assume the preschool info is correct and if you haven’t registered for preschool yet, I would recommend calling to do so soon!

I’m hoping there are still going to be some fun events to do as families this summer, but it’s hard to know what the future holds. I’m hoping businesses can re-open safely and families will feel comfortable attending, but families will have to decide what they are comfortable doing…the decision is ultimately going to be up to each individual & family. On the bright side, if nothing else, families will at least be able to get outside and enjoy nicer weather together!

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and continued support. If you have any questions or comments on any of the above, please feel free to contact me at

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