Game Day with Kids & Cake

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It’s Green Bay and football season is upon us! That means a minimum of 16 exciting game days ahead! If you’re like many Green Bay area fans, you like to enjoy the game and maybe even host a party or small gathering to watch it together. Here are a few ways to spice up your party, involve the kids and make it a fun, family affair!

1) Paint some Mason Jars
Grab some mason jars from around the house or buy them for cheap at Goodwill. Have the kids help you paint them in football themes and use them as props/decor for your party. They will feel proud that they helped contribute to the party. Another option would be to have the kids paint the jars DURING the party for something to do if they don’t want to watch the game–but that would require some parent supervision (in which case you might miss some of the game, so you decide what works best for your family!) I also love using balloons on sticks as party decor and they fit perfectly in mason jars. (I pour in some uncooked rice to hold them in place.) They are simple and cheap and kids love balloons, so it also makes for a great take-home party favor!

2) Eat Cake!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any excuse to eat cake. Order a cake or cupcakes with your favorite NFL team logo and colors. Get your officially licensed NFL cake or cupcakes at a local bakery. Find participating bakeries near you here:

3) Make Football Snack Bags

Have the kids help create these simple and cute snack bags for the party. All you need are brown craft paper bags and masking tape! Cut strips of tape and have the kids arrange them on the bag in the pattern of football threads and then let your guests fill their special bags with popcorn or other goodies.

4) Play Football Bingo

Print out these FREE Football Bingo printables from the Taylor House (click here) and everyone can play along during the game! Use candy for your game pieces to make it even more fun.

5) Have an Assortment of Snacks

Football shaped pretzels, team-colored M&M’s/candies, popcorn and kettle corn are a few great snacks to include. My husband makes some amazing kettle corn and he says it’s pretty simple. Here is his “secret recipe”:
-Warm 1/3 cup oil in Whirley-Pop kettle
-Add 1/3 cup sugar & 1/2 cup popcorn kernels
-Salt to taste

If you’re feeling really ambitious, before the game, have the kids cut up various size boxes to make a cute gameday “stadium” snack platter like this:

What did I use/where did I find it?
-Mason Jars: I bought these from Goodwill even though I had a few around the house, but I use those for other things. For paint, I used acrylic paint on one of the jars and that worked fine. However, it doesn’t stick as well as the chalk paint which I used on the others.
-Football snack platter, tablecloth & craft paper runner (great for kids to draw on at the table!): Dollar Tree
-Balloon Sticks: I ordered a large pack online a few years ago. Since then, I have also seen them at Hobby Lobby. As for latex balloons, I got these at Party City but I also saw them at Dollar Tree, which would have been a better deal.
-Packer chocolate candies: Shopko
-Colored chocolate candies: Party City
-Cake: I got mine at Festival Foods, but you can get your NFL licensed cake at a variety of local bakeries. Check out to find the location nearest you.

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