Monday Morning Moms in Green Bay

Meet Shannon Charles!

Q: What town/city do you live in?
A:  West De Pere

Q: How many kids do you have?
A:  Three

Q: What are their ages?
A:  5, 11 and 17

Q: Do you work outside the home? If so, where & what do you do?
A:  Yes, I own Bu-tiffle Things Boutique in De Pere along with Chatterhouse 2016, The Haystack Bar & Grill and the Hammer Inn. However, Bu-tiffle Things Boutique is all mine 🙂 and I own the restaurants with my husband.

Q: What is your favorite at-home activity to do with your kids?
A: Baking and making homemade pizzas.

Q: Where is your favorite place around Green Bay to take your kids?
A:  The movies.

Q: If you had one parenting tip to share that has worked for you/helped you, what would it be?
A:  After 3 kids at such different ages, I would say patience. If you don’t get short-tempered neither will they.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do for yourself when you have time?
A:  Getting my hair done.

Q: Are you a night owl or an early bird (despite what you have to be as a mom)?
A:  I am a night owl. I stay up as late as possible to enjoy the quiet!

Q: What is something not many people know about you or your “story” that you like to share with others to motivate/encourage/inspire them?
A:  I am an accountant, who decided one day I hated doing it and decided to chase my dream and own the boutique I always wanted!

You can check out Bu-tiffle Things Boutique in De Pere at 614 George Street. It is located behind Chatterhouse 2016 (you can walk through the restaurant to get to it or park in the back parking lot and enter there). They are open Mon-Sat 11-8 and Sun 11-6.

Thanks for sharing with us, Shannon! Check back on another Monday to meet a different area mom.

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